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Week 25 2021

📰 Deal of the week

Trella, an Egyptian B2B tech-enabled logistics platform, raised a $42 million Series A round ($30M equity / $12M debt).

Maersk Growth, the corporate VC arm of Danish shipping company Maersk, and Saudi-based Raed Ventures co-led the equity portion, with Algebra Ventures, Vision Ventures, Next Billion Ventures, Venture Souq, Foundation Ventures, and Flexport participating. Lendable and others provided debt financing.

Launched in 2019, Trella is a digital truck brokerage operating in Egypt, Saudia Arabia & Pakistan that connects shippers and logistics providers. It works with over 350 shipper partners including Maersk, Coca-Cola, and other blue-chip brands, and has over 15,000 logistics partners in its network.

💡 Why it’s the deal of the week: Trella CEO Omar Hagrass, previously an executive within Uber’s EMEA expansion team, told Reuters he believes Trella is now one of Egypt's most valuable tech startups. While the valuation is undisclosed, with this funding round, Trella joins the ranks of some of the continent’s best-funded startups.

⛏️ Go deeper:

  • Others startups operating in the tech-enabled logistics space across Africa include Nigeria’s Kobo360 ($30M Series A in 2019 — $20M equity/$10M debt), Egypt & MENA-focused Trukker ($23M Series A in 2019), and Kenya’s Lori Systems (2019 Series A — undisclosed amount but purported to be between $20-$30M)

  • Trella was part of Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 batch and previously acquired local competitor Trukto, creating Egypt’s largest tech-enabled logistics platform

  • This is Maersk Growth’s first African investment

🔦 Other deals
  • HyperionDev, a South African computer science-focused ed-tech startup, raised a ~$3.5 million in Series A round, with a majority of the round coming via British equity crowdfunding platform, CrowdCube

  • Ed Partners Africa, a lender targeting the education sector, raised a $1.9M funding round from Acumen, I&P, Zephyr and others

  • Apollo Agriculture, a Kenyan agri-tech startup, raised $1 million in debt financing from the Agri-Business Capital Fund

  • Villgro Africa, the Kenyan health-focused incubator & impact investor provided $170,000 to four startups:

    • Kenya’s Damu-Sasa: $50,000 (equity)

    • Ethiopia’s Simbona: $50,000 (grant)

    • Kenya’s DawaPay: $50,000 (grant)

    • Uganda’s Wekebere: $20,000 (grant)

  • Giraffe, a South African job recruitment platform, was acquired by the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, a South Africa nonprofit

  • WizzPass, a South African visitor management platform, was acquired by FM:Systems, a US-based provider of digital workplace solutions

📚 Reads of the Week

On Deck CTO Andreas Klinger shares some bullet-point advice targeted to those joining high growth startups. (Fairly thought-provoking for those building them as well, in my opinion at least.)

“Don’t think in roles; but understand problems and apply skills

  • be the person everyone wants to ask to fix something :

    • go in; fix/create/setup/improve; hire someone better; move to next

    • first in a weekly rhythm; then monthly; then quarterly; then yearly”

🥇 “Joining hypergrowth startups” by Andreas Klinger


The Generalist’s Mario Gabriele and others (including some Afridigest subscribers :)) write a comprehensive, well-thought-out introduction to Africa’s tech/startup ecosystem. (I have some minor gripes here and there, but it’s good content overall — and the ecosystem exposure is great. 👌)

“Trying to use India or China as an analogy misses the reality of investing in Africa: it’s not a unified market, it’s a region. Companies do not operate ‘across Africa,’ they win share in specific national markets… Of course, it’s understandable that many begin with this kind of framing, particularly if they have more experience in other regions. It doesn’t help that venture investors are also seduced by large total addressable markets (TAM) and knowing that, founders craft continental fairytales to inflate the size of their opportunity. Rather than positioning themselves as a ‘Rwandan fintech,’ startups often frame themselves as pan-African.”

🥇 “Tech in Africa” by Gabriele et al.

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🕵️‍♀️ In case you missed it

💼 Job Opportunities of the Week

Umba, the emerging markets digital bank currently operating in Kenya & Nigeria, is hiring a San Francisco-based Chief Operating Officer / Director of Operations.


Umba, the emerging markets digital bank currently operating in Kenya & Nigeria, is hiring a Lagos-based Product Manager.


Tiger Brands, South Africa's largest food producer, is hiring a Johannesburg-based Venture Capital Director to lead its new corporate venture capital initiative.


GoJo, the financial inclusion-focused investor & operator, is hiring a Nairobi-based Investment Analyst/Associate.


Villgro Africa, the incubator and impact investor, is hiring an Africa-based Senior Investment Analyst.


Idris Bello, Founding Partner at LoftyInc Capital Management, is hiring a Chief of Staff (location flexible within Africa).


Rest of World, the media publication focused on tech beyond the Western bubble, is hiring a Regional Editor, Africa (location flexible within Africa).


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How hard it is to rebuild once lost. Finally getting back on the horse though — cowboy season 2021. 🤠🏇


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